Working Paper Series

Krisch, Nico; Corradini, Francesco; Reimers, Lucy Lu “Working Paper 1: Order at the Margins- The Legal Construction of Interface Conflicts over Time“.

Yildiz, Ezgi; Yüksel, Umut “Working Paper 2: When Pathways of Change Crisscross- Courts, Consensus, and Custom“.

Martinez Esponda, Pedro José “Working Paper 3: Change in international law through informal means: the rise of exceptions to state official immunity for international crimes“.

Yildiz, Ezgi “Working Paper 4: A Court with Many Faces: Judicial Characters and Modes of Norm Development in the European Court of Human Right“.

Yildiz, Ezgi “Working Paper 5: And then the Court Created Procedural Obligations: A look into the European Court of Human Rights“.

Blog posts

Ezgi Yildiz “The Anatomy of Legal Change” 06.08.2018, The Global.

Ezgi Yildiz “A Norm in the Making: Banning the Global Trade in Tools of Torture” 11.10.2018, The Global.

Nina Teresa Kiderlin, Pedro José Martinez Esponda, Dorothea Endres, “On the path(s) to international legal change” 05.11.2019, The Global.

Nico Krisch “Institutionalizing Subsidiarity in the Reform of Investment Adjudication” 27.01.2020, The Global.

Nico Krisch “COVID, Crisis and Change in Global Governance” 17.04.2020, The Global.